So many moons ago, I went to a baby shower that followed a bridal shower. Both were held at this lovely lady’s mother-in-law’s home, and they had the traditional baby shower stuff: the candy bar diaper identification game (truly cruel to anyone who has not built up a tolerance to diapers and their contents), CAKE!!!, and great girl-time. The thing that really set both of these shin-digs apart, though, was this awesomely delicious Buffalo Chicken Dip that hid in the corner next to a bag of potato chips.

Now, I don’t know why I hadn’t seen this in bars round the world- it. is. fabulous! I heart hot wings like everyone else I know, but I do not love the sticky mess that goes along with them. And even my hot wings (baked not fried, but just as delicious! coming soon…) have a higher ratio of bone and skin…

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