Buying for the Office: Talk Like a Pirate Day

Baking for the Office

I’m so ashamed. This should have been on my calendar ages ago. Alas, me hearties, ’twas not until yesterday that I read that today, the 19th of September, is Talk Like a Pirate Day.


Even then I thought maybe I’d have time to whip up some Booty Brownies in the evening, but it wasn’t to be, because for the first time in years some scurvy ants had stampeded my kitchen and made baking for my office an impossible task.

Arrrg, the dirty curs!

So what’s a pirate queen to do when there’s no baking to be done? She recycles previous party treats and goes to the grocery store.


Luckily, my co-worker…, er, co-pirate, Jon, still has all the props and goodies I brought in for his Indiana Jones-themed birthday two years ago. That included a small treasure chest, skull, compasses and spy glass. I had a pirate hat and…

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