I’ll Never Buy Granola Again!

I wish my oven worked because I’d make this all the time. I love granola, especially mixed in some yogurt.

Trace in the Kitchen

gb6 That’s right, after making this you shouldn’t buy granola bars ever again either! This is very delicious, so give it a whirl. This was the perfect conclusion to a day that started off oh so dismal. I landed at the dentist office bright and early which is not recommended. I normally come out with flying colors. Well, I guess it had to happen eventually that I get a cavity, and so it has..my first cavity!

I got an annoyingly perky dental hygienist who Jedi mind tricked me with her high-pitched voice simultaneously mocking me. It was at the point when she made me hold a mirror and watch her make my gums bleed out as she taught me how to floss that I’d had it! It’s not that I don’t know how to floss, it’s called lazy lady! After that, I muddled through and was unusually busy at work, typing…

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