Step by step Simple Socks: week two


Since I didn’t start the socks til after 1 the first week, I’m taking a break to make something for a lovely lady til after lunch.
The full effects of my feverish cold have slammed home, so I couldn’t do much.

After getting back to 60 stitches, knit another round, and then try it on. Your toes probably won’t fit through either, so knit 10 rounds and then try again. The pattern says to do 48 rounds, which is 10cm, but I have short feet and want as good a fit as poss.

Illness and busyness means that it’s taken me this long to do those 10 rounds. I had to divide back to an even amount on each needle, cos it was giving me a headache. The pouchy bit is the sock heel, and the back of that is a little off my heel…

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