Black Bean Enchiladas Verde

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Black Bean Enchiladas Verde
Recently I bought some dried black beans to play with and while I overcooked the first batch, this batch came out perfect. Dried black beans are stunningly pretty while they’re soaking. The color ranges from midnight black to deep purple and they’ve got a much more interesting taste than canned black beans. If you’ve got the time, try making them from scratch. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Start soaking the beans the morning you intend to cook them. Make sure to put them in a bowl that will allow them to expand as they soak. I had mine sitting in water for a good 8 hours. As mine were rather fresh, they only took an hour to cook. Though I did get distracted and let them boil over — twice. Then my husband kindly suggested I remove the lid and let them simmer without it. Then he cleaned up…

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