What a great idea!

Cooking and Crafting on a Budget

I tend to be cold. Always. Not sometimes, not occasionally. Always. On top of this, my feet and hands feel cold. Literally. My man goes to hold my hand and its like they’ve been in a refrigerator. So I thought I’d make a hand warmer. And since I am the way I am, I wanted it to be dinosaur shaped. This craft cost me $1. I had felt and needle/thread lying around. I just had buy some rice. Cheap and functional. Boom biscuit.


1 piece green felt

1 piece red felt




How To:

1. Cut two hand-sized squares out of your green felt. This will help make sure you make your hand warmer big enough.

2. Sketch the shape of a dinosaur onto one of the pieces of felt. Cut Out. It doesn’t have to be pretty. Also, I would advise NOT drawing a tail. It…

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